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Nestle Cerelac, Mixed Fruits & Wheat with Milk, 14.1 oz, 4 Pack


  • Nestle Cerelac Mixed Fruits & ; Wheat with Milk is rich in Iron, CHE*, Vitamins A, C, and B12
  • This milk powder is highly nutritious for babies from 8 months onwards when breast-milk alone or formula can no longer totally cover the baby’s growing nutritional requirements.
  •  The CHE process provides: Smooth texture making swallowing easier. Ease of digestion for baby’s tender stomach. Improved taste.
  • What’s more, the cereal does not get lumpy or thicken on standing for as long as it takes to feed your baby! Preparation: For the health of your baby, all preparation instructions should be followed exactly.
  •  Stir until the cereal is smooth. Remember to always feed your baby with a clean spoon. Discard any uneaten cereal.Nestle Cerelac Mixed Fruits & Wheat w/ Milk (Stage 3) – 400g

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